Is Vitiligo A Sign of Serious Health Condition? Physical & Psychological Impact

Is VitiligoDuring childhood, vitiligo often manifests as a halo of depigmentation of the skin surrounding the moon. There is a mole (which over time will most likely disappear) surrounded by other than normal skin and white skin. Vitiligo has a number of physical as well as psychological problems which leave great impact on your life and those who are suffering from this problem can understand how difficult it is to manage their day to day life.

Below you will read about some of the physical and physiological impact of the diseases.Physical Symptoms & EffectsThe first symptom of depigmentation of skin areas are exposed mainly on mouth, eyes, and hands and the loss of skin pigmentation makes your skin uneven.Other areas with partial loss of pigmentation, where the absence of melanin is complete, may also have problems.Although it tends to be symmetrical process, having two halves of the body affected alike, the case that only occurs in a segment of the skin can be what is known as segmental vitiligo.Some patients may experience Keener phenomenon which arise lesions of vitiligo in places of trauma by scraping.In these cases, vitiligo can show symptoms in places of abrasions, surgical scars or even, eczema and psoriasis.This phenomenon also appears in diseases such as psoriasis, warts, etc.

In areas with hair and affected by vitiligo, keep hair pigmented or to switch to white (leucotriquia) may occur.Sometimes premature graying of hair can affect, not only patients with vitiligo, but also to their families.Psychological Effects & ImpactsThese symptoms concern both physical appearance and the psychological impact that produces in patients.It varies considerably from one person to the other, depending on the type of disease, status and psychological well-being.Normally vitiligo is more common in individuals of dark skin. In these people, the disease can have major psychological consequences.The effects may range from a slight embarrassment to loss of self-esteem and anxiety. These reactions tend to be more common in people who have injuries in visible areas of the body.

Vitiligo appears with the same frequency in men and women. It can manifest itself at any age, but 50% of the patients have less than 20 years when the first symptoms of the disease occur.Can Vitiligo Be a Sign of Serious Disease?Malignant melanoma (a severe type of skin cancer) and vitiligo can develop simultaneously. However, the majority of the patients with vitiligo are not affected by this cancer. Affected by vitiligo patients have some predisposition to develop any disease associated with autoimmune system such as Addison’s disease, thyroid, diabetes and alopecia (patchy scalp hair loss). Many of these diseases can be diagnosed through blood test or a simple physical examination. Therefore, if you observe the sings of vitiligo on your skin, you must not ignore them and immediately seek medical attention.

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